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According to recorded history, Ceylon Cinnamon was so globally prominent that it was even used by Egyptian embalmers. At the dawn of the first millennium, spices became a much treasured and sought after currency, of which the Arabs were the gatekeepers. They travelled to as far as the Galle Port to trade Sri Lankan spices.

After the decline of the Arab world, Europe took pride of place in seeking out mysterious, exotic islands to conquer. Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English seafaring explorers considered spice islands a worthy prize. In fact, the spice trade was the first step towards globalisation. Spices brought the world a step closer to the place we know it to be today.

Sri Lanka is one such spice island; a home to many precious herbs and spices that are greatly sought after. Although the spice trail began centuries ago, today, Verger takes great pride in presenting to the world these natural treasures, grown in our very own home gardens.

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Supporting the Cinnamon Belt
Verger values preserving Ceylon Cinnamon's unique qualities, including its Geographic Indicator status and rich composition, ensuring farmers benefit from its premium status.
Fair for Life
Verger proudly holds Fair for Life certification, ensuring fair trade practices in agriculture, manufacturing, and trade. Established in 2006, it meets the demands of organic farming stakeholders.

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Verger achieves ECOVADIS Silver Rating

We are proud to announce that Verger has been awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted sustainability ratings provider.

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Verger x Yogi Regen Project Phase 4 Donation

In 2021, amid the severe fertilizer crisis affecting Sri Lankan farmers, Verger and Yogi partnered to set up an organic composting project with the aim of supporting farmers.

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It was an absolute pleasure for the Verger team to participate at BIOFACH 2023 representing the vast heritage and value of Sri Lanka’s organic spices, herbs & natural extracts to the global stage

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