Verger x Yogi Regen Project Phase 4 Donation

7th September 2023

In 2021, amid the severe fertilizer crisis affecting Sri Lankan farmers, Verger and Yogi partnered to set up an organic composting project with the aim of supporting farmers.

On September 7th the first large scale donation of compost was made to 50 farmers in the Soragune Farming Unit, Haldummulla. While the fertilizer ban in Sri Lanka is now lifted, the high cost of fertilizer has meant this project is as essential as ever to support the livelihoods of farmers. The project is also in line with both Yogi and Vergers commitment to regenerative agriculture, with cinnamon bark, from the distillation process at the Verger factories, forming the primary raw material for the compost. The project runs on a specially prepared 75 acre plot with investment having being made to set up special raw materials preparation areas and compost packing and storage facilities. Now in its fully operational stage the facility has a capacity to deliver 15 tons of compost per month. Together we look forward to making a continued positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers across the island, and cultivating smiles wherever we go.

7th September 2023

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