As an essential oil producer from local raw material supply, we are closely linked to our farmers. By maintaining this relationship, we ensure the security of both parties. Sustainability is one of our core values because we feel responsible for both people and nature, as our work relies on them.

This responsibility led us to initiate several actions:

  • Providing medical support for the families in order to prevent any degradation of health conditions linked to their work.
  • Assisting education by providing school amenities for children.
  • Offering training programmes and courses on all matters that can help farmers cultivate in a better, more sustainable manner - minimising labour, composting, reducing water wastage.
  • Listening to the farmers and their families in order to understand their expectations and needs (equipment, agronomical knowledge, organisation matters).
  • On our end, we focus on lowering our water and energy usage by working on every process that may need either one of the two. We are always concerned about our wastage, treating effluent from production processes and recycling biomass from our distillation.

As another one of our core values, we hope to set an example in the sector and share our best practices with other operations. You can subscribe to our Trimestral Report by emailing us, so that you can learn about our practices.