From Soil to Oil


At its inception, we at Verger strived to operate differently to what had been the norm in the past. We identified that the supply chain was the basis for everything: knowing and building meaningful relationships, based on trust, with the people involved in cultivation, harvesting, or even logistics, was a prerequisite for all the work we needed to develop.

We believe in having our ear to the ground at all times. By developing a comprehensive network of field officers, we are swiftly and efficiently notified of any problems that our farmers may encounter, through which we have enhanced our partners' conditions. Moreover, we have been strategic and uncompromising with regard to the sourcing of our raw materials. This continuous passion for improvement has allowed us to successfully supply essential oils of unmatched quality.

In 2018, Verger managed to take its obsession for improvement to another level. By setting up a brand new production facility to meet high exigency, we intend to upgrade both the quality and capacity of our production. With a dedicated processing area for the raw materials, the distillation, and even the quality control, nothing has been neglected.

Furthermore, because of our sensitivity to environmental issues, we have put in place several procedures to lower the plant's energy and water consumption.

These improvements are geared to further develop the Company and its products, while prioritising its corporate social responsibilities.