"Our products, in view of their quality, are used for a host of different applications, unaltered or with the addition of other materials. A pure and natural essential oil offers outstanding organoleptic properties as well as health benefits"


"Smell is the sense of imagination" - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Olfaction is perhaps the strongest and most evocative of human senses. Sri Lankan nature and spices are renowned and have been celebrated for decades, especially in the fragrance industry.

From Opium (Yves Saint-Laurent) to Egoiste (Chanel), through Declaration (Cartier) or even SpiceBomb (Viktor & Rolf), the story of perfumes has always intertwined with the story of spices. Needed to bring warmth, density, or sensuality in a unique way, the essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Pepper, and Cardamom have been long pursued.

By sharing the richness of our lands through the essential oils we produce, we strive to create products that will become central to the development of new and exciting fragrances. As a producer, and thanks to our strong and sustainable sourcing, we are also able to supply products with exclusive qualities that may assist in making your creations remarkable.

To meet the high standards of this industry, we give the olfactive aspect great importance in our sourcing and other processes.


Food & Flavors

Spices make up one of the most important cooking ingredient families in the world. As a whole spice, like Pepper or Cinnamon quills, or as extracts in flavouring, they are essential products for the preparation of daily meals.

Renowned chefs and restaurateurs from around the world have recognised the importance of quality spices in elevating their food. The essential oils themselves are increasingly being used by prestigious restaurants around the world, infusing unique personality and unmatched taste to their preparations.

The organic products are even more useful for the food and flavours industry, which has delved far deeper into its uses.

Indeed, in modern times, traceability is a decision maker for consumers when it comes to what they are eating. By providing full and transparent expertise on this, we are geared to meet this demand.

Moreover, complying with both Kosher and Halal expectations, and made without any animal involvement, our products can be used by all without concern.


The positive effects of essential oils, through dermal absorption and inhalation, can also be experienced in terms of its therapeutic benefit to both physical and psychological wellbeing.

Thanks to their antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties – contained in the molecules they are made of – - they are useful in healing both mind and body.

The aromatherapy movement has stormed into prominence within the last decade, with end consumers looking for more quality and traceability for in the products they use. By making those values an important part of our work, we are assured in meeting these expectations.

Our organic range is therefore even more compliant to the sensitivities of the market, and we are proud to promote and offer products that fulfil this mission.

In accordance to restrictive specifications, we dispel any doubts regarding the safety and purity of our products.