We at Verger know that companies that work with us are always looking for reliability in the products they desire. We always look to new ways of complying with industry standards and implement strict regulatory conditions. Involved in the production of essential oils from organic raw material, we are certified by both European Eco Regulation (Regulation (EEC) No. 834/2007) and the US Department of Agriculture Organic Certification.

In a world where unreasonable and unsustainable farming practices are being employed for profit, we have set in place several requirements that ensure that we stay true to our precepts of social responsibility. Working with food and flavours prompted us to certify our production facilities and chain with both Halal and Kosher requests. Always looking to assure our customers about our working conditions, our distillation facility is GMP certified.

This new production facility is dedicated to offer the very best among all the inputs that are part of the production of essential oils and whole spices.