Core Product Families :

Cinnamon Bales/Quills H1

Cinnamon Bales/ Quills H2

Cinnamon Quills Alba

Cinnamon Bales/Quills C5

Cinnamon Bales/Quills C4

Cinnamon Quillings Grade 1

Cinnamon Quillings Grade 2

Cinnamon Chips

Cinnamon Coarse Cut

Cinnamon Tea Bag Cut

Cinnamon Powder – #40 mesh

Cinnamon Fine Powder – #60 mesh

Black Pepper Whole Grade 1

Black Pepper Whole Grade 2

Black Pepper Coarse Cut

Black Pepper Tea Bag Cut

Black Pepper Powder

White Pepper Whole Grade 1

White Pepper Whole Grade 2

White Pepper Coarse Cut

White Pepper Tea Bag Cut

White Pepper Powder

Clove Whole Hand Picked Superior

Clove Lalpari

Clove Whole Grade 1

Clove Whole Grade 2

Clove Tea Bag Cut

Clove Stem

Clove Stem Powder

Nutmeg Whole without shell (100/110)

Nutmeg Whole without shell (80/85)

Nutmeg Whole ABCD

Nutmeg Broken

Nutmeg Tea Bag Cut

Nutmeg Powder

Mace Hand Picked Superior

Mace Grade 1

Mace Crushed

Mace Tea Bag Cut

Mace Powder

Ginger Dried Slices

Ginger Tea Bag Cut

Ginger Powder

Turmeric Dried Slices

Turmeric Tea Bag Cut

Turmeric Powder

Lemongrass Cuts

Lemongrass Tea Bag Cut

Lemongrass Powder

Curry Leaves Whole Dried

Curry Leaves Tea Bag Cut

Curry Leaves Powder

Moringa Leaves Whole Dried

Moringa Leaves Tea Bag Cut

Moringa Leaves Powder

Centella Whole Dried

Centella Tea Bag Cut

Centella Powder

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