Supporting the Cinnamon Belt

Ceylon Cinnamon with its Geographic Indicator status and high value flavour, fragrance and chemical composition is a premium spice that can bring real benefit to farmers. At Verger we believe that preserving the knowledge and skill around cinnamon farming, harvesting and preparation is as important as protecting the endemic qualities of Ceylon Cinnamon.
With this in mind, in 2021 we established a Cinnamon Processing Facility in Batapola, Ambalangoda located in the ‘Cinnamon Belt’ spanning from Kalutara to Matara. By establishing this facility we have been able to create more job opportunities around cinnamon cultivation, support farmers along the cinnamon belt and importantly promote knowledge sharing and the passing on of skills.

Cinnamon Processing Facility

Over the years we have continued to invest in this 10,000 sqft facility and develop a skilled team that manages the entire value chain of the cinnamon process.
Today the facility delivers a wide portfolio of products to meet customer specifications including Cinnamon Bale Orders, Cinnamon Cut Orders, Wrapping Orders, Chip Orders, Essential Oil and Cinnamon Leaf & Cinnamon Leaf Extracts.

  • 10,000 sq. ft. processing facility
  • Dedicated Head of Operations
  • 5 Field Officers
  • 4 Bale Bass’s (Most experienced workers in the Cinnamon Field who are responsible for Grade and Quality.)
  • 3 Supervisors (Ensures the required grade, quality and quantity is delivered.)
  • Cinnamon Workers – 33 (Male / Female) Qualified in all types of productions for shipments.
  • Raw materials purchased daily

Impact by the Numbers:

Through our operations at Batapola we

  • Support 50 Farmers
  • Created business opportunities for 25 individuals
  • Directly impact 300+ people
  • Widened the market scope for Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Have had a wider positive impact on the local economies benefitting many more individuals and families.
Being at the source the Verger team is able to work closely with the farmers ensuring quality but also understanding the issues they are facing and working with them to resolve these together.
With continued knowledge sharing and investment we Verger is committed to Create, Inspire and Smile with the farming communities along the cinnamon belt, as together we build on the legacy of Ceylon Cinnamon.

We cultivate smiles.

Verger nurtures everything we touch, from seeds and saplings, to lives and livelihoods.