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About Us

The stars align when two people with similar values meet.  When they share a passion for their country, a heartfelt desire to empower people, and the vision to give Sri Lankan Spices their rightful place on the global stage.  Nuwan and his wife Ama are two such people.

In 2014, having spent several years working overseas, Nuwan and Ama decided that it was time to return to their homeland and pursue their dream of building a one-of-a-kind business that showcased Sri Lankan Spices, while championing sustainability and community upliftment.

Thus, Verger was conceived, and built from the ground up with care, precision and absolute dedication.

This family business has always abided by family values. Empathy, honesty, loyalty, and respect are key; and everyone in the Verger family is united through both triumph and tribulation.

Over the years, the business has evolved, and now features two distinct yet complimentary verticals – Naturals and Botanicals. Today, Verger is a trusted partner of businesses across 6 continents, and over 30 countries across the globe.

The Verger brand has also been growing, and is now in full bloom, a visual embodiment of the philosophies and standards on which the company is built. “The Natural Company” – Verger stands as a shining example of how a business can be a force for good, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and inspiration that extends far and wide.

The dream that started with two kindred spirits, is now one that is shared by thousands.


The best stories begin with the passionate pursuit of something extraordinary…



  • Purposeful Impact.
  • Natural Legacy.


  • Growth.
  • Passion.
  • Creativity.


  • Cultivate Happiness.
  • Share Goodness.


Man Holding Plant

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Nuwan Delage

Managing Director

Janaka Sumithriarachchi

Business Unit Head - Spices & Herbs / Logistics

Guillaume Joubin

Business Unit Head - Extracts

Ravi Jayasinghe

General Manager

Abyson Thomas

Head of Production

Buddhika Wanigasooriya

Head of Operations

Markets & Partnerships

Our Values Take Shape

Much like the hexagon, nature’s most favoured and efficient shape, the six petals of the Verger flower form the fundamental principles of our business. Each one is a source of inspiration, reinforcing the foundations on which we were built, while also driving us forward,  to overcome fresh challenges and achieve new dreams.

The Flower of life


At our core are hardworking individuals who love what they do, this passion and commitment permeates the entire Verger experience, and is the reason why people choose to work with us and for us.


True creation is defined by singularity, by the desire to give the world something it has never experienced before. It is the deep-seated need to do more, be better, go further than ever before. It is about making the maximum impact; and giving the world something it has never experienced.


We owe everything to the natural world. The bounty that nature has bestowed upon us defines who we are, and what we do. The protection of our natural resources forms the foundation on which our philosophy is built.


Verger understands that to truly make an impact; we must be a source of inspiration. We must focus, not just on what is achieved, but how it is achieved, so that we grow in a way that nurtures those around us.


There are few things warmer, simpler, or more natural than a smile. In much the same way as we strive for excellence across our product range, we aspire to create happiness and fulfillment for our team, our customers, and our farmers.


We helped build the world’s trust in what Sri Lanka has to offer, and we honour that trust, every day. Our stakeholders can count on us to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards. Trust placed in us, will always be rewarded.

At the Source


Our produce is sourced from a collective of small & medium farms, enabling us to support farming communities. We also ensure complete traceability across our entire supply chain.

Organic Farmers
Acres Of Organic Farmland
165 +
FFL Farmers

Meet Our Farmers

Every farmer we work with is invaluable to us. Our bonds go beyond the professional bounds of training and value addition, and embrace the deeply personal needs and challenges these industrious individuals face on a daily basis. Our relationships have triumphed over time and trials, and today, are stronger than ever before.

Nandasena Perera


Ambuluwawa Pepper Farm is owned and operated by Nandasena Perera, another generational farmer with a wealth of knowledge in Pepper, Clove & Nutmeg harvesting. Nandasena owns a pepper farm spanning almost 1 acre of land (more than 500 vines of pepper) with a dedication to sustainable agriculture to produce nutritious, organic yields while preserving nutrient-rich soil.

Nandasena is one of our long-term partners at Verger who has been with us since the inception of Verger. Just as he’s involved in his farming community, Nandasena values his family. He has 4 children and he’s hoping to pass on the passion for black pepper harvesting to his sons with the hopes of expanding his pepper cultivation acreage for the next season.



Meet Wijesinghe, a generational clove farmer from Ambuluwawa , who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in farming and has a 1.5-acre land brimming with Ceylon pepper trees.

For Wijesinghe, farming is more than just a job; it is a spiritual calling. He pays homage to the traditional practices passed down through the generations while also embracing more modern and sustainable farming methods to enhance soil health and produce nutritious, organic food.



Meet Karunaratne, a generational clove farmer from Kandy who is vested with generations of knowledge and farming practices and has a 3-acre land filled with clove trees, most of which were planted by his father and are over 25 years old.

He is a Master Cultivator who identifies the cloves with bigger heads as ‘Bothal karambu’ (in one of our native languages), and he also stated that when the trees are at full harvest, the strong smell makes it hard to pluck them off the branches.


Pepper, Cloves, Coffee and Vanilla

Meet Jayathilaka, the secretary of the Farming Community of Ambuluwawa and also a generational farmer with a wealth of knowledge in pepper, cloves, coffee and vanilla farming. He grew up on these farms and has always wanted to continue the family legacy which was passed down from his grandfather. With a dedication to sustainable agriculture for healthy, organic yields while maintaining nutrient-rich soil, Jayathilaka is one of our long-term partners at Verger.

The Jayathilaka Family’s multi-generational “do it right” philosophy has never wavered. He is continuously committed to improving and protecting the environment and his farms for generations to come.

Inoka Perera

Black Pepper, Clove

Meet Inoka Perera, a passionate organic farmer who believes in protecting the natural integrity of the food she grows. Inoka owns a half acre of land in the “Ambuluwawa Farming Community” in the central province of the island, where she grows black pepper, cloves, and other ingenuous plants.

Her passion for organic farming connected her with the Verger family because of our shared goal of working towards sustainability and 100% natural farming. It has been almost 4 years since she joined our Farming Community and we couldn’t be happier. While organic farming is her passion, she’s the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and we could see from her eyes, the depth of her love and commitment to her family.

Sourcing Quality

Around 50%-60% of raw material quality is determined on the field.

• Our field officers play a crucial role in this through continuous engagement with our farmers.

• We conduct education & training on agricultural practices.

• Pest control programs.

• Introduce new tools and technologies.

• All affiliated farms are subject to a set of quality control evaluations including – Raw Material Quality Control, In Process Quality Control & Process Validation Protocols.

Supply Chain

Thanks to a system that anticipates change, and focuses on a zero-waste policy, we guarantee an uninterrupted, quality-controlled supply chain that ensures customers receive their orders, on time, every time.

The Goodness of Collective


We believe that ensuring children have support & access to education is the best legacy we can leave behind.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe that health & wellbeing must go hand in hand if our people are to live good lives.

Living Standards

Creating employment is just one step, we believe in helping people uplift their living standards overall.


Often, the practice of farming is taken for granted - we are committed to supporting & empowering its growth.

True Smile is Verger's employee and community wellbeing program that steps past ensuring sustainable livelihoods to building better lives.

The program takes into consideration 6 key aspects of wellbeing - Economic, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Relational and Environmental.



Agra is an independent and reliable farmer co-operative connecting Spice farmers across Sri Lanka.

At present Agra brings together 267 organic farmers who cultivate a vast expanse of 1063.59 acres of organic land.

There are over 165 farmers waiting to join the co-operative as organic certified farmers.

The Verger team played a key role in facilitating the setup of the co-operative and provides access to global markets and customers. Additionally, Verger also supports agricultural development through knowledge sharing and training.

Why Partner with Agra?

  • Access to the entire supply chain from farm all the way to dispatch from the origin.
  • Opportunity to be the voice of the farming community in the international arena.
  • Compared to individual farmers, co-op members are more economically protected and face lower risks.
  • Support the development of rural communities.
  • Contribute to the collective goals of sustainability.


Are you ready to Create, Inspire and Smile with us?

Verger’s young, dynamic team of industry experts share a passionate commitment to the upliftment of people, and the protection of our planet.

Senior Business Analyst


The ideal candidate will play a role in the development of multiple parts of the business by analyzing past, current, and future business trends. This individual will establish strategies to achieve desired outcomes and implement these strategies. They will often work cross-functionally with internal business units in order to understand the challenges that these teams are face and provide solutions to these groups.

Create Inspire Smile

Senior Business Analyst


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Statistics or related field
  • Proven experience as a Business Analyst or similar role with a focus on data analysis
  • Exceptional analytical, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools and techniques


  • Develop new product and service oriented strategies
  • Communicate and implement strategies alongside technical team
  • Identify and solve weaknesses within the organization
  • Explore new ways to increase customer or client satisfaction

News and Updates

Learn more about Verger's growth, innovations, contributions and collaborations.